NEW: Ernie's heritage: "WANTED" - The final CD with unpublished songs of Ernie Oldfield!
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> Key of Your Heart (MP3) - Ernie Oldfield


42 x Internet Gold

Great Success to ERNIE OLDFIELD
"Say Hello" has reached 1 million Klicks
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Ernie's Remembrance of his Childhood Days
Gary Cooper's Influence on Ernie Oldfield
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Final Dance at the Line Dance Convention 2011 in Salzburg/Austria:
Jacky Joker by Ernie Oldfield
Ernie Oldfield on air

Sylwia Kakolewska
Radio Katowice
"Today have arrived the new CD Ernie Oldfield "I got what I am". Thank you very much. Very good music and vocal. In Sunday have my weekly show in Radio and play more songs from the CD. Best wishes, Sylwia Kakolewska"

WYN.FM Melbourne
"Hi, folks! We received your Promo 3 track CD "Ernie Oldfield" & songs of Ernie Oldfield "Succession - Various Artists" on February 11 & the music will be included on *SLINGA‘S INDEPENDENT COUNTRY* Radio Show heard through community radio station WYN.FM in Melbourne, Australia. Cheers & have a great month. TONY"

Stig Törnquist
CMR Radio 105.5
> www.1055.com
"Hello WIR-records Danke schön!!! Just received Ernies new CD. You are quiet right this will be a smashing hit!!! All tracks are super. I will choose a couple of tracks for my next “Country Sunday” program. All the best und viele Grüsse aus Schweden - Stig "

Rod Collman
Web-Country DJ
"Hi Vienna, thank you for the song it´s good of you would like to send me more that would be fine. It is always appreciated and makes it easier to put the playlist together each weeks with new material. Thank you. Regards Rod "

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