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56 x Internet Gold

Great Success to ERNIE OLDFIELD
"Say Hello" has reached 4 million Klicks "Bread and Beans" climb to the first Million
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Ernie's Remembrance of his Childhood Days
Gary Cooper's Influence on Ernie Oldfield
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Final Dance at the Line Dance Convention 2011 in Salzburg/Austria:
Jacky Joker by Ernie Oldfield
Ernie Oldfield on air

Lou Nelson
WICR Radio
"I never got to meet Ernie, but I have played his music and I will continue to play his music...I also want to thank his team for sending his new album..THIS IS A GREAT ALBUM and I have a show tomorrow at 9am CST (Texas Time) and I will be featuring the music of Ernie Oldfield. Thanks Team and Ernie, you rest in peace and keep writing that music in heaven. RIP. YouŽve joined a most elite group of angels..singer/ songwriters like yourself. What a party thatŽll be!!! WeŽll hear you. Lou Nelson, Texas Drover Records"

Piet van Mourik
WF Country
> www.westfrieslandradio.nl
"Hi Ernie! Thanks for the brilliant cds youŽve sent me. They came totally unexpected and I was very surprised to hear such fine music. On April 30th IŽve planned to broadcast "Succession" almost totally in our radio show WF COUNTRY in The Netherlands: see addy above! Soon IŽll send you a playlist. Wish you a lot of success! Kind regards, Piet"

George Backer
Radio Beverwijk
> www.countryspecial.com
"Hi, I have just received and listened to both the CDs. I have chosen several songs for my upcoming programs. l send a playlist when airplaying songs. Stay tuned, George Backer"

Friend of ErnieŽs songs
"Hi Ernie! IŽm a 29 years old guy from Iran. IŽm here to say something: Some days ago one of my good friends died in a car accident, he left his wife and his two beautiful sons alone... it was hard and sad moment!! Just today I was searching google and very accidentally found your very very beautiful and heart touching song The Sad Moments... I came to your very pretty site and I shocked that you left and went to heaven...... I want to present your song The Sad Moments to my friendŽs family and also to your family...... God Bless Your Soul and My Best Wishes for Your Family.(Sorry for my bad english).....Ardeshir, Tehran, Iran"

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