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61 x Internet Gold

Great Success to ERNIE OLDFIELD
"Say Hello" has reached 4 million Klicks "Bread and Beans" climb to the first Million
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Ernie's Remembrance of his Childhood Days
Gary Cooper's Influence on Ernie Oldfield
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Final Dance at the Line Dance Convention 2011 in Salzburg/Austria:
Jacky Joker by Ernie Oldfield
Ernie Oldfield on air

Hussein Maloof Flores
Chihuahua Blues Radio
"Hi! Just write to let you know that ERNIE OLDFIELD has airtime on my radio station... Please tell me the name of the single that you want to promote more... A couple of listeners mailed-me about how well the live version of "Bread and Beans" sounds... "... (Ernie) had the power to make this song unique and wonderful... please play a little more of his music... ...and I will!!! Keep the good work! Hussein Maloof Flores"

Joy and PeJay
Country Roads
"Hi Ernie! Joy and PeJay at Country Roads just dropped in to let you know that "I got what I am" has arrived safe and will be added to our playlist. Thank you for supporting us with your music. Keep it Country! Best regards, Joy and PeJay"

Holger Petersen
RadioDNK 1
"Hey there! Saw your message about a new cd with Ernie Oldfield. I would like to recieve a copy for airplay on Radio DNK 1. Ernie is a special country singer and we like him. Its a shame he is gone away, but his songs still lives and that is something. Holger Petersen"

Lucky Wilson
Cover Singer
"Hello! I just hear the songs from Ernie. Great Music and i loved his voice and music a lot. Till I juist read he has died 2008, a great music is gone. LUC "

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