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61 x Internet Gold

Great Success to ERNIE OLDFIELD
"Say Hello" has reached 4 million Klicks "Bread and Beans" climb to the first Million
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Ernie's Remembrance of his Childhood Days
Gary Cooper's Influence on Ernie Oldfield
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Final Dance at the Line Dance Convention 2011 in Salzburg/Austria:
Jacky Joker by Ernie Oldfield
Ernie Oldfield on air

Peggy MacNeil
Head of Music, Scotland
"HI, Many thanks for the above album and Ernie Oldfield single ‘Never change a Winning Team‘ which arrived safely this afternoon. Greatly appreciated and will be played with great fondness in memory of Ernie Oldfield. Many thanks & kindest regards, Peggy "

Stig Tornqvist
Radio CMR 105.5
"Hi WIR Records! Thank you very much for the CDs. The 3 songs with Ernie are super hits and the “Succession” CD is a worthy tribute to Ernie that he would have loved. All great songs and very well performed. Thanks to all the artists and musicians on that CD. Very much appreciated. ALL songs will be on my coming playlists. Your Country Music friend in Sweden - Stig "

Elio Ippolito
Cover Singer
"Tks again for your beautiful present that is the case to say I am proud to collect. The world of country, blues and rock is still fascinating and has many followers Too. I do my Best interpreting your songs. Compliments also to yr music and lyrics written Clearly and, so Easy for anyone singer or listener wants to "live" also dancing this kind of music. Wonderful. My motto is : improve and stay in happiness, I thank god for these splendid moments I am receiving. Tku Elio "

Radio Midtfyn
"Hello Ernie Thanks for you cd I will play on radiostation. I have a countrytime every week so I can play your cd in this program. Love Gyda"

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